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Companies invited to participate in "TOPVALU" brand product launch

Writer:晨曦Date:2016-04-26 15:22

On April 17, 2013, aeon (China) investment co., LTD., the independent brand "TOPVALU" product launch first stop was held in Qingdao. My company was invited to the meeting.

TOPVALU was born in Japan in 1994 aeon group has its own brand, sales in Japan for nearly 20 years of history. The brand in China start selling is in March 2012, is expected in 2013, the brand products will reach covers life-food fields about more than 500 varieties of products.

"TOPVALU" brand based on "to make the customer a better everyday life" the idea of planning and development. To corresponding customer highly focus on the question of "safety and peace of mind", "TOPVALU" commodities from raw materials to the production, distribution, quality check all links such as by aeon solely responsible for, commodity information publicly. And the entrusted processing vendors implement strict product quality management, required to follow the aeon supplier code of conduct ", and to respect human rights, the improvement of the production environment, the enterprise ethics, and other aspects of the implementation of strict management.

Qingdao day food co., LTD., since 2012, "TOPVALU" brand in the Chinese market, has become the brand of seasoning products suppliers, actively involved in the category of product planning, development, application, production and other work. And "TOPVALU" hand in hand for Chinese consumers to provide "safe, healthy, delicious and fast" products.




My company to provide the part seasoning products


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